stencilling, stencilled wall, oil cloths, painted canvas, wood graining, painted beams, marbling, sudeley castle, hand painted, kbmorgan

Left - Stencilled walls in Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe Glos.

Middle - hand painted rugs / canvas.

Right - I painted ontop of black beams to make them look like old oak again, woodgraining.

painted puppet theatre, grisaille, trompe l'oeil, wood graining, faux marquetry, scumbling, mural, bookcase, trompe l'oeil pencil on a hand painted table, kbmorgan, the world of interiors,

DEcorated puppet theatre, trompe l'oeil and Grisaille effects with small canvas backdrops.

Top Right - Woodgrained panel giving the effect of marquetry.

Bottom Left - Trompe l'oeil bookcase.

Bottom Right - painted table with painted pencil, Trompe l'eoil. I chose to paint a plain ordinary pencil to make it look more realistic.