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House Ilustrations and Art work by Katie B Morgan
the world of interiors, cushions, canal cushions, hearts and roses cushion, red backed spider fabric, katie red backed spider cushion, fibreglass horses, fairground horse, old signs, enamel lampshade,pottery, earthenware, sgraffito, kbmorgan, metal bird,
Folk Art by KBMorgan Est. 1985.

Katie almost lives to paint and finds it impossible to narrow her work down. The vast majority of her work is via word of mouth,gaining a core of clients for whom she has worked for many years. A lot of her work has not been photographed due to client confidentiality.

Katie is happy to accept commissions from a small illustration to a full sized round-about, so please get in touch.

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Decorative maps for any occasion- Weddings, Events, places etc

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Illustrative pictorial maps, by KBMorgan
Hand drawn Maps of Cotswold Towns by KBMorgan


Decorative finishes - Faux painting - Wall murals

Hand painted furniture, painted canvas, tudor wall painting,murals, trompe l'oeil, painted window,katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, il painted kitchen with faux raised field panels, interior design, interior decoration, decorative painting, kbmorgan
Grisaiile, hand painted decoration,painted canvas in Tudor style, Tromp l'oeil and painted furniture by Katie B Morgan


Bespoke designs and one off commissions

My fabric designs are available to buy via The Bothy Shop The printers are still printing.

Please DM me for lampshades.

I'm painting from home so thank you for supporting me by shopping from your home.



Fairground Art - Roses and Castles - Gypsy Waggons - British Folk Art - Hand lettering

Please contact me via contact page if you are interested in buying or commissioning any full size or juvenile fairground horses and cockerels, fairground signs etc

Fairground Waltzer, gilded organ and gypsy waggon.
Complete painting restoration of Lakin bloomers! Gilded Organ and restored Gypsy Waggon.
gilded scrolls, shield, gold leaf, shooting gallery,katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, illustrator,  showfront for Carters Steam Fair, fairground art, gold leaf flights, roundabout, lining and lettering on steam engine at Toddington GWR, kbmorgan
fairground painted tickets, showfronts and signs. Lined and lettered steam engine by Katie B Morgan


Hand lettering - Gilding - Decorative finishes - Colour matching

Clock dial restoration, gilding, lettering, painted landscapes, hand painted, restoration,katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, illustrator,
Cleaning, gilding and Black work by Katie B Morgan


Hand drawn maps - Landscapes - animals - Architecture -Cartoons

Hand drawn maps, winchcombe pottery,katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, illustrator,  watercolour- Acrylic illustration, mouse,- Painting of vintage car, bugatti, car portraits,- illustrations, puppets, vintage designs, lettering, graphic design
Paintings of Cars, Illustrations and cut out and make puppets by Katie B morgan


slipware pottery, anniversary plates, sgraffito, earthenware, winchcombe pottery, lettering, kbmorgan ,the world of Interiors,katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, illustrator,
Slipware, earthenware pottery by Katie Morgan


My shop changes on a regular basis so please look on my main shop page. I've recently added greeting cards and prints..



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