Fairground Art

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Fairground painting restoration by Katie B Morgan

Left -Lakins Waltzer.Middle - gilding and painted cherubs,Wonderland Organ.Right -Repainting of Burton wagon

Restored childrens fairground ride, rounding boards, juvenile, panel from showmans wagon ceiling, gilded scrolls, folk art crocodile, katie morgan, kbmorgan, katie b morgan, illustrator, roundabout panel, flash, fairground panel ,kbmorgan
Fairground painting by Katie Morgan

Top Left - Restoration and new panels , Juvenile Dobby set.

Top Right - Detail of showman's wagon ceiling panel.

Bottom Left - One part of the entire decoration of Anderton and Rowland Gallopers.

Bottom Right - Panel from side joint in the black Country Living Museum, Birmingham.

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British Folk Art by Katie Morgan

Top Left - Detail of bargeware money box stool.

Top Right - Rounding boards.

Bottom Left - Canvas Floor cloth.

Bottom Right - Andrew Harris's Hall of Mirrors, Carters Steam Fair.

Roses and Castles - Bargeware - Fairground Art - Gypsy Waggons - British Folk Art - Popular Art - Signs

Roses and Castles, canalware
Roses and Castles, canalware

Heritage Crafts Red List

As a member of Heritage Crafts, I'm pleased to say that .....

Canal art and boat painting

Fairground Art

Graining and Marbling 

Vardo art and living waggon Art,

......are now recognised and are on the endangered list of crafts, which means that the crafts exist but have a declining list of practioners, shrinking market and have concerns over their ongoing viability. Ive been lucky to have made a full time living from these crafts for the last 38 years.