Craft · 04. October 2019
A short story of the history of Strouds Red Cloth
Traditions and Customs · 17. February 2019
Some of the more unusual traditional dress.
Design · 17. February 2019
A list of the 23 interesting facts about Banbury that I used when designing my unique map.
Art · 31. January 2019
A bit of history and my own experiences with restoring laquerwork.
Design · 20. January 2019
Details from my January Map of Stroud in Gloucestershire. Illustrated for The Cotswold Life Magazine.
Traditions and Customs · 13. January 2019
Last night I went with friends to a great Wassail evening at The Fleece in Bretforton in Worcestershire. The Fleece is a gorgeous old pub, built in the early 15th century. In 1977 it was bequeathed to the National Trust.....luckily it is still a good pub with good beer...without a National Trust Shop! Wassails are a Pagan tradition that take place up and down the country. Arriving in the dark all you could see were characters with blacked faces, top hats, ribbons and the sounds of bells, music...
Traditions and Customs · 01. December 2018
William Henry Hodgson was born in Crewe on the 7th February 1878. In 1908 he married Jane Sweatman , the daughter of a Blacksmith in Middlewich. Luckily for him, his father in law set him up with a cottage and a large workshop...yes I'm a bit green...but a girl can dream....of the workshop !....Anyway after painting signs for a local pub he was asked by a local boatyard boss, Tommy Williams to paint his boats for him. Later, Samuel Fox came down from Westport ,wanting to employ 'Bill'. Mr Fox...
Design · 02. March 2018
The possible background and meaning of two 3D signs in Thame, Oxfordshire.
Art · 05. February 2018
Painting Hares for Charity, Last year and this year.
Design · 06. January 2018
I'm enjoying creating different fabric designs. It would be wonderful to have them properly block printed but in the meantime digital will be great.

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