Alcester, Warwickshire

⦁ Founded as a walled Roman fort in AD47

⦁ Icknield Street runs through. Also north of the Fosseway.

⦁ Pottery, tanning and metal working.

⦁ It once had a Benedictine monastery, The stone was reused building Beauchamp Court.

⦁ Alcester Town Hall

⦁ St Nicholas church

⦁ Coughton Court

⦁ Ragley Hall

⦁ Kinwarton Dovecote

⦁ Mop Fair

⦁ Forest of Arden Food Fair

⦁ St Nicholas night fair

⦁ Duck race

⦁ St Nicholas-Greville Tomb

⦁ Polar explorer George Frederick Jackson

⦁ Butter Street

⦁ Henley Street used to be called Sheep Street

⦁ The Angel

⦁ The Old Malt House

⦁ Bowens Drapery-1887 high Street

⦁ Roman hoard of coins found

⦁ Food festival

⦁ Turks Head used to be called the Buck and Breeches

⦁ The Elephant Tree on bypass road to Bidford

⦁ Woad Production

⦁ Mop fair

⦁ Needle makers

⦁ Gold post box

⦁ 6 Tuerys

⦁ Town criers contest

⦁ Workhouse,inirmary

⦁ Swallow side cars on Seggs Lane

⦁ Sebastian Coe

⦁ Point to point races-Cold Comfort Farm?

⦁ Alauna river goddess

⦁ Floods

⦁ Percy Tout-motorbike racer

⦁ Mattiking? Benefactors board in church.

⦁ Flooding

⦁ Alcester Town FC

⦁ Alcester and Ragley Cricket Club

⦁ Bernard Cuzner- Product designer and silversmith

⦁ F.G.Jackson- Arctic explorer

⦁ Nick Skelton- Plympic gold medalist

⦁ Twinned with Vallet, Loire-Atlantique, France

⦁ In 80 years there have been over 100 archaeological digs

⦁ Bodkin factory in malt mill lane

⦁ Minerva needle works

⦁ Roman broach in shape of a fish found in gas house lane

⦁ Medieval well 4-6 evesham street

⦁ Passages locally known as cheweries