James Norrie
Art · 05. August 2021
The decorative wall paintings of James Norrie.

Steamship on moon dial
Art · 07. February 2021
A little exploration into why a steam ship on a moon dial.

Art · 27. April 2020
Towards the end of my holiday with my family in Edinburgh, I discovered the decorative painting work of James Norrie. There is part of a panelled room in The Museum of Scotland taken from a house in Riddles Court, not far from the Castle. Once I arrived home, I tried to find out more information about him and write a blog. In the eighteenth Century James Norrie, and two of his sons, James and Robert, dominated the decorative painting scene in Scotland, employing both plain and decorative...
Art · 27. April 2020
My sister bought a fab book from TK Max, looking through it I found three fantastic old places in London that no longer exist, but all had one thing in common, ...beautiful carving. The first was the Dog and Bowl sign, 196 Blackfriars Road in Shoreditch.It was originally an ironmongers sign (1793), but stayed in place until the building that it was attached to was bombed. It is now in Cumings Museum. Charles Dickens used to walk by the shop when he was a boy and mentioned it in his...
Art · 31. January 2019
A bit of history and my own experiences with restoring laquerwork.

Art · 05. February 2018
Painting Hares for Charity, Last year and this year.

Art · 06. January 2018
The bohemian life of Ethelbert White (1891-1972) and his wife Betty.

Art · 27. December 2017
The start of my interest in Fairground art .