zodiac greeting cards

There are a good few left for me to design but I'm adding all the time. Please visit my shop.

New Fabric designs

I've added some new folk art style fabrics in a tiny print and will be adding some new big fabric and wallpaper designs soon. If you would like a bespoke design then please contact me. It could be adding your favourite flowers, places or animals..all ideas welcomed.

More free downloads

I have added a rainbow of brushes colouring in sheet and some craft ideas using envelopes.


Hello,everything is about how we are all coping at home....I'm very lucky, I love creating, I have a small garden and a dog, and I have my son for company. The people who are really finding it hard are the carers and the people with the virus. 

I've enjoyed creating the free downloads and will continue to come up with new ideas...but probably not on a daily basis! One thing I've learnt is how difficult it is to get my free downloads into the public domain .

Instead of relying on FB and Instagram, I sent my link to care homes and schools directly. I wish that I could have printed them myself to share because I'm sure that a lot of people don't have computers with printers. I was used to using the A3 printer and scanner at my local library, so I miss it not being open.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed colouring in or reading my blogs, keep well,



Artist in Residence at Nature In Art, Twigworth , Gloucester.

My time here was cut short but thank you to everyone who did pop over to see me. I will be here again next year  but don't know dates yet.

Winchcombe festival of music and art- CANCELLED

Monday 18th May - Monday 25th May

Exhibition in Food Fanatics, North Street, Winchcombe.