Encouraging caterpillars and Butterflies into your garden.

, like most people love butterflies....so last Summer was sad with hardly any butterflies in my garden.  I thought that I had everything needed but daftly I had the nectar plants sorted but not necessarily the plants for the dear old caterpillars.
...So here is a little list of the plants that the caterpillars like...Its not too late to plant some.
Painted Lady -Likes Mallows, Thistles and goosefoots
Painted lady caterpillar
Green veined White and Orange Tip - Like - Ladies smock and garlic mustard


)rang Tip
Common Blue - Likes Birds foot trefoil...I know it as egg and bacon.
Common blue
Holly Blue - Holly and Ivy
Holly Blue
Red Admiral

Red Admiral - Photo Jim Black
Peacock caterpillar
Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoishell and Comma - Sunny clumps of nettles, left until mid summer before cutting down.
Small Tortoishell
Small tortoishell
Brimstone - Like Alser Buckthorn and purging blackthorn
Comma - Likes Currants, Elm, hop and willows
Comma caterpillar
Small Copper - Likes Docks and sorrells.
Small Copper


I'm going to leave some patches of cleavers for the painted ladies and a small patch of nettles. ....and try to make sure that the nettles by my workshop are left longer before cutting. It's not easy to leave docks ,nettles and cleavers but it will be worth it to see lots of butterflies back into my garden.