My Hand Drawn Maps-Stroud

I was commissioned to illustrate a map of Stroud for the Cotswold life magazine. As well as the drawing and visiting the towns I illustrate I also love looking into the history and interesting details that make the town what it is.

Once I find an interesting list, I include them into my map. If you know the town then you could probably discover and recognise them without me saying but for anyone who doesn't here is a list with the detail picture from my January map. If you follow the writing with your mouse then you will find more information via links.


Edwin beard Budding.Inventor of the lawn mower and adjustable spanner.


Hearts coming out of a library book - Romantic novelists, Jilly Cooper and Katie Fforde.


Needle in Threadneedle Street - The first sewing machine factory to have steam power.






Red Cloth - Stroudwater Scarlet, the cloth used for military uniforms.

'Perseverance' narrow boat on the canal.


Redler lorry - Redler was one of Stroud's longest established manufacturing firms.


Cider lorry going to Slad, Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee,

Rev. Audrey the author of Thomas the Tank Engine retired to Stroud.


Goose, a nod to nearby Slimbridge,

Cycling- Stroud is on the National Cycling network.

Jazzy gloves to show the Artistic Boho communities, and decorative border from carved stonework on the Art School building.


Hornbeam Tree-Stroud Save the Trees campaign.


Teasel- The Stroud Pound.

Yellow duck - Road to Bath...corny !


Farmers Market, launched by Jasper Conran and Isabella Blow on July 3, 1999

John Street and Russell Street- Lord John Russell, Stroud MP who became Prime minister passing acts such as Public Health Act 1848 and Reform Act 1867.


Myself, looking like wheres Wally! and my lovely pet dog Jet.



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