Cheltenham Spa -1716 mineral springs were discovered by Captain Henry Skillicorne...with the help of pigeons.!


Motorhead guitarist, Michael Wurzel Burston born in Cheltenham. (Ace of Spades logo on shopping bag)


Jazz Coleman founder of Killing Joke 1978, born in Cheltenham.( Clock )


Dancing Ken Hanks (1935-2017), Charity fundraiser and lover of Country Music.


Eddie the Eagle (Eagle on Eagle Tower)




Brian Jones(1942-1969) - Rolling Stones logo on Shopping bag.


The Bank Building - Three sculptures by Barbara Hepworth


Montpellier Gardens with a 200 year old copper beech  tree


Landing of the Great Nassau Balloon in 1837


Montpellier Bandstand -1864. Possibly the oldest in England


Twin towns in Russia, France, Germany, China and The Netherlands


Wishing Fish Clock in Regent Arcade designed and made by Kit Williams.


Gustav Holst (1874-1934) born in Cheltenham. The Planets


British TV sitcom written by Carla Lane and filmed in Cheltenham between 1978 and 1983.


If – Film 1968


Boer War Memorial Erected in 1907.


Neptune’s fountain- 1893.Designed by Joseph Hall and carved by Richard Lockwood Boulton and his sons. Fed by The River Chelt.


Caryatid 1840. 32 armless ladies.


The Minotaur and the Hare,sculpture by Sophie Ryder.


Emperor Penguin by Nick Bibby,in the Foyer of the Museum known as the Wilson, after Edward Wilson of the Antarctic.


Sir Ralph Richardson- (1902-1983) born in Cheltenham.


Everyman Theatre


Gloster E.28/29 The first British jet aircraft prototype. Regent Motors, Regent Arcade


Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carrol. The father of the real Alice lived in Charlton Kings..The house still has the original looking glass.


Rocky Horror Show - Richard O'Brian (Tattoo)


PJ Crook and Richard Parker Crook


Arthur Negus (1903-1985), Antique furniture


Inkubus Sukkubus , Band formed in Cheltenham in 1989


Geoff Hurst, footballer, in 1966 the only man ever to score a hat-trick at a World Cup Final, lives in Cheltenham.


The Whistle Blower, filmed in Cheltenham.- The Doughnut -GCHQ


Synagogue judged by Nikolaus Pevsner to be one of the architecturally ‘’best’’ non-Anglican ecclesiastical buildings in Britain.


Dowty Group logo, founded by George Dowty in 1935.


HH Martyn &Co, ,Founded by Herbert Henry Martyn in 1888


Dawn Run- Jonjo O'Neil Winner of The Gold Cup


Gilbert Jones- Test cricketer.


John Neville Maskelyne (1863-1917) Born in Cheltenham.- Designer of the pay toilet and creator of some of Harry Houdini, great escape tricks. 


Martin Jarvis actor, subject of TV programme This is Your Life- big red book.


Robert Hardy actor born in Cheltenham.(1925-2017) Well known for being Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small, Cornellius Fudge in Harry Potter and Winston Churchill in many productions.


Whitbread Brewery- Flowers’ (1760-1998)Charles Flower gave land in Stratford upon Avon for the memorial Shakespeare Theatre


Chimney sweep...over the door sculpture in the Museum.


Greenbelt, Wychwood Festival


Cheltenham Festival - National Hunt - Gold cup- Irish Shamrock.


Cheltenham Minster, St Mary's, Medieval building. One of two notable rings of Bells. The other in St Christopher's in Warden Hill has the lightest ring of bells in the world.


Festivals- Science,Music,Folk,Jazz,Literature,Cricket,Paranormal,Decide,Comedy and performing arts.



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