Gloucester - Map and History


Sir Thomas Bell the Elder (1486-1566), Mayor of Gloucester and Tudor Flat cap manufacturer. Lady Bellegate Street is named after his wife Lady Joan Bell.


Dr Who and Harry Potter filmed in Gloucester.


Henry III crowned with a gilded iron ring in 1216 in the Cathedral.


Old faded sign for Boselli's Ice Cream.


Cotton Motorcycle Company founded in 1918. Moved to Bolton 1978.


Gouda is twinned with Gloucester.


Kingsholm. home of Gloucester Rugby founded in1873.


The House of the Tailor of Gloucester.


Bishop Hooper. Protestant Martyr who died in Gloucester in 1555.


Aethelflaed - Lady of the Mercians. (870-918)


Dick Whittington pub- built by Richard Whittington, nephew of 'the' Dick Whittington.


Pin manufacturing at the Folk Museum.


The New Inn - medieval galleried inn.


Sword- The Sword Inn, previously called The Union. One half of the building was the original workshop of a tailor called John Pritchard, whose story inspired Beatrix Potter.


The Pelican- said to be built with timbers from Sir Francis Drakes ship the Golden Hind.


The Old Crown - possibly the office of Edward Massey during the siege of Gloucester in 1643.


Gentleman on horse near the Fountain. William iii rode his horse upstairs to show his contempt for the Jacobite rebels who were meeting at the fountain.


Bells and Old Father Time. - One of the carved figures above G.A.Baker & Son, Jewellers.


Jedi symbol on ladies’ bag.


Tall Ships


Beer bottle - Gloucester Brewery.


John Stafford Smith -Writer of music for Star spangled banner, American National Anthem


Hubert Cecil Smith -Inventor of Vacuum Cleaner ‘Puffing Billy’, petrol powered and horse drawn!


Robert Raikes the Elder - (1690-1757) ''the printer of Gloucester''.


Robert Raikes -(1741-1813)- founder of the first Sunday school in 1780.


Blue Coat - Blue coat Hospital


Matches- England's Glory matches made by S.J.Moreland and Sons Est 1867.


Viewing Chamber- roman remains.


FP - Fielding and Platt engineering firm.


St Mary de lode - first Christian church in Britain, built over the site of a roman temple.


The Gloster E.28/39, first British Jet aircraft.


Double Gloucester Cheese


Walls Ice Cream


Scrooge- Jemmy Wood (1756-1836).He was the owner of Gloucester Old Bank and was known nationally as ‘’The Gloucester Miser’’ Charles Dickins used to perform in a theatre next to his Bank and get his furniture reupholstered in the building the other side so would have often seen Jemmy stood outside his bank. Dismal Jemmy is mentioned in The Pickwick Papers and Jemmy Wood is mentioned in Our Mutual Friend. A gravestone to his memory is in St Mary de Crypt Church.


WE Henley -(1849-1903) Poet, critic and editor born in Gloucester.


Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) Composer and Poet born in Gloucester.


Flour- site of old flour mill, Priday, Metford & Co. Ltd.. (1850-1995)


Gloucester Old Spot Pigs.


SS Wesley- Composer and organist.


Stars and Stripes Flag - John Stafford Smith 

composed the American National Anthem.


Atlas bell- Old ships bell, used as an alarm in the North Warehouse


Heart Radio-Eastgate Shopping Centre


Robert Raikes-Sunday School Movement

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