Slipware Pottery


Years ago I used to have a painting workshop in one of the buildings at The Winchcombe Pottery. I used to chat with Ray and Mike Finch, Eddie Hopkins and visiting potters, but didn't have a go. A few more years later I used to swap eggs for egg cups with Ray Finch......but it was only recently that I started working with clay.
winchcombe potterywinchcombe pottery

 Over a year ago, I joined a Saturday morning class at the famous Winchcombe Pottery. Matt Grimmitt taught us all and after my many attempts at slip decoration , told me about sgraffito.....I am now completely hooked! I love Thomas Toft slipware dishes but I find that my style of illustration seems to work well on the earthenware pots.

winchcombe pottery
Geese by Katie Morgan
Matt kindly made me some mugs and I decorated them giving them to friends and family as Christmas presents. 
winchcombe pottery
winchcombe pottery
Pigeon by Katie Morgan
winchcombe pottery
Apples by Katie Morgan
All photographs taken by Alison Morgan - AlisonMPhotography

Just a little note ...my own work is fired at the pottery but I am not employed as a Winchcombe Pottery, Potter.