Banbury map- kbmorgan

Map of Banbury

- Known as Banburyshire, good business community and communication routes.


Johnathan Swift is reputed to have taken the name 'Gulliver' from a tombstone in St Mary's Churchyard. ( Library book pinned to the ground )


Castle Quay Shopping Centre- the site of original castle built in 1135. ( castellation decoration in border).


Jacobs Douwe Egbert symbol - Worlds largest coffee- processing facility. (symbol)

Douwe Egbert symbol - I have milk in my coffee, hence the cow!

5 Banbury Cakes - Made using a secret recipe that dates back to at least 1586


- Trial electric Post Office delivery vans built by Arrival Ltd

Arrival Ltd

- Spinning Wheel - at the start of the 19th c banbury was weaving 'plush', fabric with around 1000 workers in and around Banbury.

Plush Fabric

- Compass- Stone sun sculpture on Banbury Town Hall.




- Border based on Banbury Coat of Arms, sun ,and wavy bar.

 castellation of castle and shields of battles.

10 Tom Rolt -Author of 'Narrowboat'and one of the instigators of keeping canals alive for work and leisure. Had his boat Cressy restored at Tooleys boat yard in 1939.

Tooley's Boatyard

11 Birds Custard used to be made in Banbury. (Birds logo near Bluebird Bridge.))


12 Reindeer Inn. Used by Oliver Cromwell.

Antlers on the Reindeer Inn

13 Thomas Hankinson donated the initial piece of land. His family were local High Street butchers, who sold  hand-made faggots called 'spice balls'.


14 - The hearts are based on the decoration of a building in Butchers Row.



15 - Novelist Anthony Burgess wrote A Clockwork Orange while teaching at Banbury Grammar School.


16 -The racing car is my symbol for both Haas F1 racing team and Prodrive who design,construct and race cars.

Map of Banbury


17 -Chapbooks- Cheap printed books printed using 'Banbury blocks' (wood engraved blocks.)


18 - Banbury was once the home to Europe's largest cattle market.


19 -Tooley's Boatyard - The oldest working dry dock in Britain, repairing and building boats since 1790.

Tooley's Boatyard

20 - Alfred Beesley (1800-1847) topograper and poet.


21 - Dick Chipperfield, English Circus animal trainer and circus owner.(1904 – 1988) 


22 - Pioneer of X-Rays ,Richard Reynold's  (1829-1900)


23 - It is thought that Celia Fiennes was the fine lady on a white horse. Her family owned Broughton Castle. Bells symbolize wealth and rings authority.


24- Banbury Cheese, mentioned by Shakespeare in a few of his plays. It was produced in one inch rounds so became a byword for anything unreasonably thin.


25-Larry Grayson born in Banbury in 1923  , known for his catch phrase 'Shut that door!'

A row of open doors.....Shut that door!

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