Triangular Lock keepers cottage.


Used to be a Jam factory in Coopers Lane. Beach’s Jam Factory


Charles I running away in Bewdley Lane.


Town Hall- Used to be a Fire station and a jail.


Community Hospital-Former workhouse.


Walker Hall- Reputed to be Evesham's oldest building.16th C timber house.


Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265) It is believed to be the first place where the English Flag was held.(Ladies shopping Trolley.)


Ambassador snooker Hall


Simon de Montfort's memorial, marked by cross at site of the Abbey's High Altar. Simon de Montfort (1208-1265) 6th Earl of Leicester, was killed by forces loyal to the King in The Battle of Evesham.


Battle of Evesham (4 August 1265) was one of the two main battles of the 13thCentury England’s Barons’ War.The victors were led by the future Edward I, who was leading the forces of his father Henry III.


Magpie Antiques.


Ye Olde Red Horse- A now extinct breed of English Horse. 15th Century coaching Inn.


War memorial in Abbey Gardens. Commemerates the residents who died or were missing in WWI and WWII.


15th Century Round House, sometimes  known as Booth Hall.


Norman Arches - Part of the Abbey Gateway, under the archway of the 16th century Walker Hall.


Almonry Heritage Centre and Tourist Information. In the 14th Century it was the home of the Almoner of the Benedictine Abbey.


Royal Oak - 16th century coaching Inn.


Area of grass surrounded by a wall with Archway- Site of an Abbey founded by St Ecgwin in 709AD. Cared for by Evesham Abbey Trust.


Sculpture to Eof ( Eoves) in the Market Place. The legend says that the Virgin Mary appeared before Eof, a local swineherdin .After going and telling Bishop Ecgwin in Worcester, the Virgin Mary appeared again to Ecgwin in Evesham telling him ''this is the place I have chosen''. The Abbey he had built in her name became the third largest in England.


Another story is about  Bishop Ecgwin throwing a key into a river and a fish eating it.


The name Evesham derives from Eoves-Homme ( Homme once a quiet wooded area in the great forest of Feckenham.)


Leofric, Earl of Mercia and his wife Godifu ( Lady Godiva) founded Holy Trinity Church. Lady Godiva may be buried at the Abbey.


Evesham Arts Centre was built in 1979.


The Regal Cinema reopened in 2009. Grade II listed building designed by Hurley Robinson in 1932. He was a prolific architect of cinemas after WWI.


Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham by M.C.Beaton.


Ariel Bender guitarist for Mott the Hoople and Spooky Tooth was born and raised in Evesham.


Sir Henry Fowler, Chief mechanical Engineer for Midland Railway and L.M.S born here in 1870.


Evesham Hotel is a Tudor mansion built by John Watson Bishop of Winchester. Born 1491


Alex Gregory, Double Olympic Rower. Bell Tower- Part of the original 8th century Abbey.


Regal cinema- designed by architect Hurley Robinson in 1932.


 Festivals, Battle of Evesham, Angling, River &Truck.


Festival of Brass,.- Trumpet Inn.


National Morris Weekend - Brass Bells


Mop Fair -Galloper at Merstow Green.


Asparagus Festival


Blossom Trail.


Evesham tomatoes - used to flavour tomato and prawn flavoured crisps 

 Jim Capaldi songwriter born in Evesham.-The logo of the band Traffic.


P J Proby has lived in the town - Record by bandstand.


Robin- 'The Robins' Evesham Football Club.







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