Legend that Caractacus was captured by the Romans and was taken to Rome. He impressed Emperor Claudius so was released.


Elgar (1857 - 1934) English composer buried at St Wulstan's Church,Little Malvern. 'Pompe and Circumstance' was performed for the first time in Wyche School next to the Church.


Fairy collecting water - From some original advertising for Malvern water. 


Holly well Malvern spring water - Best known for 'containing nothing at all ' Possibly the oldest bottling plant in the world.


Jenny Lind 'The Swedish nightingale (1820 - 1887) Lived at Wynds Point near British Camp and is buried in Great Malvern Cemetery.


Library Books -


Elizabeth Barrett Browning lived at Hope End.


W H Auden taught at Colwall.


Roget of Roget's Thesaurus, died and is buried in West Malvern.


W. Langford -Medieval poet. He mentions the Malvern's in 'The visions of Piers Ploughman’’.


'The Apple cart' - George Bernard Shaw wrote this play in 1928, for the 1st Malvern Festival.


Lamp posts - C S Lewis lived in Malvern as a child.  One appears near the beginning of 'The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe'. His friend JR.Tolkein, compared the Malvern Hills to the White mountains of Gondor. 


Gravestones - Annie Darwin, (1841-1851) daughter of Charles Darwin is buried in Malvern Priory.


Artist - Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970) lived and painted in Malvern (1931 to 1961.)


Morgan Cars - Based in Malvern Link, founded in 1910.


Foliage corners and border - The iron decorative foliage at Great Malvern train station.


Worm- A building called 'The Worm' built in 1862 next to station, that linked the Imperial Hotel, now St James Girls' School.


Baptist Church - Original site of Hay Well Baths


Splash - Leisure Centre


Smiley mouth - Orthodontics.


Rhubarb - Home décor and gifts.


Old car - The Santler, built between 1889 and 1922. Possibly maker of the first British petrol car.


Q - Software Company.


Cube - Youth and community Trust.


Walkers - AONB. At least 6 walks around the Malverns. 


Snowman - Winter Gardens


Flowers - Blossom House Residential Home.


Sitting Girl - Jamie MCKelvie cartoonist and writer born in Malvern 1980. Suburban Glamour based on a fictional Malvern.


Man carrying Violin case - Nigel Kennedy has lived and played in Malvern. Wish I could have been at some of the party nights at St Ann's Well.


Praying Monk - Legend of St. Werstan. He escaped a Viking raid at his monastery near Deerhurst and established a cell near St Ann's Well. Legend says that Malvern grew after he was murdered, becoming one of the first Martyr.


Enigma - A nod to the rich history of science, mathematics at Malvern's Royal Radar & Signals Establishment. 


Donkey - They were used at St Ann's Well from 1817 to 1952 to help carry visitors, including a young Queen Victoria.


Tardis - Filmed Dr Who and the Krotons (1968), in the Tank Quarry


Buzzards sculpture - By Walenty Pytel


Rose - Tea Rose named after Malvern Rose Grower Mrs Foley Hobbs (1910)


Aldwyn Tower - Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd President of the United States, visited when he was 7.


Baptist Church - Original site of Hay Well Baths


Auctioneers Hammer - Philip Serrell Auctioneers


Edinburgh Dome - Built in 1977, houses squash courts and Gym area for St James Girls' School.






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