Inventor of the Lawn mower and adjustable spanner- Edwin Beard Budding(1796-1846)


 Hearts coming out of library book---Jilly Cooper and Katie Fforde-romantic novelists


Needle in Threadneedle Street- First sewing machine factory to have steam power. Holloway Clothing Factory and Benefit Society.Formed in 1849.


Cotswold Sheep


Red Cloth- Stroudwater Scarlet, Cloth used for military Uniforms.


Perseverance narrow boat on canal


Stroudwater Navigation.


Redler Lorry- Redler Ltd was one of Stroud’s longest established manufacturing firms. Founded by Arnold Redler(1875-1958)


He invented the en-masse conveyor in 1920.


Cider lorry going to Slad - Cider with Rosie, Laurie Lee (1914-1997)


Rev W Audrey - Thomas the Tank Engine - He retired to Stroud


Goose - Nod to nearby Slimbridge


Cycling - Stroud on the National cycle network


Brunel goods shed - Stroud Preservation Trust.

 Stroud railway station on the Gloucester to Swindon Line was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


Hornbeam tree by the subscription rooms -Stroud Save the trees campaign saved it.


Teasel- can be seen on the Stroud pound. It is a local currency that was launched in 2009. The teasel is a fullers teasel. They  were used in the textile industry for cleaning and raising the nap in woollen fabrics.


Farmers’market launched by Jasper Conran and Isabella Blow on the 3rd July 1999.


John Street and Russell Street-named after Lord John Russell, a Stroud MP who became Prime Minister.He passed acts such as the Public health Act 1848 and the reform Act 1867  


Cricket Ball- Jack Russell, England Cricketer