Oxford - Interesting things featured on my hand drawn map.

 ⦁ Tortoise - 'Tortoise wars' founded in 1555. Each college has a tortoise which they race          in the summer.


⦁ Fawn- Is this Mr Tumness? The door to Narnia

⦁ Books - More published authors per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

JRR Tolkein- Lord of the rings- Professor of English at Merton

 Lewis Carrol - Alice in wonderland 

Oscar Wilde-student at Oxford

Philip Pullman- His dark materials

⦁ Mark Haddon - The curious incident of the dog in the night time

C S Lewis -The chronicles of Narnia, student at University College

John Buchan- the 39 steps, Brasenose College student.

Colin Dexter - Inspector Morse

P D James- Born and died in Oxford.

⦁ Oxford Dictionary - Began in 1844 by Richard Chenevix Trench, Herbert Coleridge and              Frederick Furnival.

⦁ Coffee cup - First cups of coffee were served in the Grand Cafe.

⦁ Rowing Boat - Annual boat race against Cambridge,first race 1829 and an annual event            since 1856

⦁ Alice - Alice Liddell was the daughter of the leader of Christ Church college.Lewis              Carroll,( Charles Dodgson), taught at the university

⦁ Signs - Keep off the grass...signs like this are everywhere. 'No Peel' graffiti on a            door in Christ Church.

⦁ Bear - The Bear Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Oxford dating back to 1242.

⦁ Blue Boar - In 1893 The Blue Boar inn was demolished to make space for the museum The            pub was owned by King Henry III.

⦁ White Rabbit - Lewis Carroll

⦁ Oxford University Press- Founded in 1586

⦁ Universities - Oxford University is the worlds second oldest university, 922 years old

⦁ Man with big trousers- Fashion called Oxford bags, originally popular with the                  undergraduates in the 1920's

⦁ Oxford marmalade- Frank Cooper's wife originally made the marmalade to her own recipe            making it at 83 to 84 High Street...so should be called Sarah-Janes Oxford marmalade

⦁ Shoes- The' Oxford' shoe closed lacing system. tighter and formal design.

⦁ Bell- Bell foundry in 1786-1854. the Taylor family of Loughborough.

⦁ Beer bottle - There were private breweries in most of the colleges. the one at                  Brasenose survived until 1889

⦁ Car- William Morris established Morris Motors Limited in 1910

⦁ Penny Farthing -Penny farthing Place. The Morris Museum has The Faulkner Cycle                  Collection. William Morris repaired bikes before moving onto cars.

⦁ Hogwarts - The great staircase and cloisters are in Christ Church, but the halls were a          film set built in london.

⦁ Ox- 'oxanforda' the old name for Oxford meaning a ford where oxon could cross.

⦁ Dalmation - 102 Dalmations film 2000

⦁ Runner - In 1954,  Roger Bannister, a medical student, was the first to run a mile in            less than 4 minutes. He was a medical student at Oxford University.

⦁ Toad driving car - Kenneth Grahame, author of Wind in the Willows, was educated at St            Edwards School

⦁ Gandalf- based on Odin. 

⦁ Frideswide - A saxon princess and healer who became the Patron Saint of Oxford.

⦁ Radio - Oxford band Radiohead

⦁ Supergrass - famous local band,

⦁ Turf Tavern - Features in Morse. also where Bill Clinton smoked but didn't inhale                marijuana.

⦁ Theatre masks - Sheldonian Theatre built 1664 to 1669 after a design by Christopher              Wren.

⦁ Carfax Tower - also known as St.Martins Tower.

⦁ Botanic Gardens - Oldest in the world, founded in 1621. Also site of the old Jewish              cemetry.

⦁ Bridge of Sighs - built in 1913, mimicing the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

⦁ Old Tom - Bell tower built 1681-82 and designed by Christopher Wren.

⦁ Oxfam- founded in the store on Broad Street in 1942

⦁ Castle - Was a monastic community. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote ' History of the Kings of         England ' , a compilation of Arthurian legends.

⦁ Radcliffe Camera - No camera, the word used to mean chamber.

⦁ Blackwells - The biggest bookshop in the world with 3 miles of shelving and 150,000              books.

⦁ Museum of History of Science - the first public museum in the world opening in 1605

⦁ Stephen Hawking - Born in Oxford. Completed his undergraduate degree at University     .

⦁ Motto - ''fortis est veritas '' the truth is strong

⦁ Crown -Plaque in Beaumont Street - Richard I reigned 1189-1199 and John, King of                England 1199-1216 the sons of Henry II were both born in Beaumont Palace.