Nailsworth- Illustrated map

Nailsworth Parish is made up of the old parishes of Minchinhampton, Avening and Horsley
Cow - Car park and bus station are the site of the old cattle market.
Kettle= Originally from Malmesbury, erected by Mr Heath in the 1870's. Made of copper it can hold 82 gallons.!
Bees-The decorative stone bee shelter in Hartpury was originally built by Nailsworth stone carver Paul Tuffley.
SNR- Stonehouse ad Nailsworth Railway- Site of Station and Goods yard by Egypt MIll/. Nailsworth Railway Company opened in 1867 but is now a cycle track.
Egypt Mill might have been named after  a worker called ' Pharoah' Webb
Prices mill - Once a Paper Mill, then foundry, Corn mill and now Surgery
Sheep- record of the cloth Industry being in Nailsworth since at least 1448.
Giggs mIll- Museum , Stroudwater Textile Trust.
Butcher Hills Lane- Hilliers Bacon curing factory in Newmarket Valle.
Hops- Village Inn has its own Micro Brewery.. 
In the 19th C Brewing was an important local industry founded by Joseph and Samuel Clissold.
Beech leaves-Lots of Beech woods locally.
Nailsworth has been known as the Waterwheel capital of the south-west.used to have the largest number of working water wheels per square mile.egypt mill still has two.
Pitts Mill now converted for homes on Chestnut Hill.
Days Mill - fronts onto Fountain Street.
The ladder-Once used to test the locally made Hampton car.
Books- Mary Deverell (1731-1805) Poet and playwright
Joseph Edkins (1923-1905) Translator and missionary
W.H.Davies -(1871-1940) 'Tramp poet'
Sue Limb-Writer and patron of Nailsworth Festival.
Gold Post boxes-
Dan Robinson-Olympic athlete.
Pete Reed Olympic Rower
Gloup- John Furnival (1933-2020)- Artist, Visual and concrete poetry
Dark Lane - Haunted by a tall man.
Trombone player - Nailsworth Silver Band formed in 1919
Daisies- used on pavements to mark 2 metre social distancing.
Red Sky records
Flags- Twinning and friendship towns, Leves in France, Perry USA, , Vumillia in  Tanzania, Stroud five valleys and circle with the symbol of Fairtrade town.
Pig- Bacon Tump footpath
Frying Pan- Alley between Spring Hill and Fewster Road.
Fairy- Fairy Glen between Holcombe Mill and Pensile Road towards Avening.
Snake Lane -Dunkirk Manor to Pinfarthings
Free car parking.