Fairford , Gloucestershire

Information linked to my hand drawn map.

Park - Ernest Cook Trust took over the Estate in the 1950.s. Ernest Cook bequeathed his estates to form a UK educational charity, teaching a love and respect of the countryside through using outdoor experiences.

Dove -Dovecote in Park street

Ox -Oxpens. Used by pairs of oxen for ploughing.

Community Centre- Farmor's School, originally Fairford Free School opened in 1738.

The Bull - Old coaching inn

Retort House - original site of the fairford Gas and Coke Company.

The airfield was used for the testing of Concorde. 

Red Arrows- Royal International Air tattoo every July.

RAF - In memory of Lt. Rogers, decorated WW2 Flight Lieutenant.

Hare Sculpture- Part of the Cotswold Hare Trail.

Border design - Based upon St Mary's  beautiful and complete set of 28 medieval stained glass windows, telling the story of the Bible. Angels and demons are the corners.

Flags- Poland- Fairford Polish Hostel 1947-1959.

Buffalo Flag-In 1851 the Bishop of Rupert's land added Fairford to Manitoma to honour Abraham Cowley of Fairford who went there as a missionary.

African Flag-Fairford skull - in 2013 two schoolboys, Christian Thompson and Robbie Cribley found the skeleton of a 1000 year old African woman in the River Coln.

Cat - Grave of Tiddles the tabby,  church cat (1963-1980)

Circle patterns - Designs based upon saucer brooches in the Anglo- Saxon Fairford Graves at Milton End  found in 1850

Frog - A story in Kings Pamplet Aug 2nd 1660- A plague of frogs and toads spread over the  Justice of the Peace and the Lord's houses in the town, followed on another day by a swarm of flies. It was thought to be a punishment because they refused to help when non conformists were troubled by locals.

Dr Who - Paul Cornell and his wife Caroline Symcox (Vicar of St Mary's Church) have both written for Dr Who audio plays.

Book - John Keble, priest, theologian and poet,leading figure in the ''Oxford Movement'' ( Catholic Revival) 

Book - Stella Gibbons wrote a poem called ''Fairford Church''

Book - Fairford Book Festival for children.

Brick- Fairford brickworks,(1850-1920) was at Waiten hill

Obelisk- Built 1751 originally in formal gardens of Fairford Park.

Palmer Hall - Land for the Palmer Hall was donated to the people of Fairford by Arkell's Brewery, who own the Plough Inn. The building was funded by Colonel A J Palmer director of Huntley & Palmer biscuit company.

Traction Engine -Fairford Steam, classic and Retro Show 19th-20th August.

Peace symbol-Peace protest in 2003. the Fairford five broke into RAF Fairford protesting against the Iraq war.

Dilly's Bridge - named after a Golden retriever called Dilys.

Fairford Town Crier- Maurice Jones did this job for thirty years retiring in 2014

Rose-Filming of Wreath of roses with Trevor Eve.

Swimmer-Olympic medalist Sharron Davies used to live in Park Street.

Bettys Grave - Three miles west of Fairford at a crossroads. One story is of Betty wagering that she could cut an acre of corn with her sickle faster than anyone. She did but afterwards dropped dead, and was buried where she fell.

Groves Place - former site of Busbys Garage,

Fairford train station GWR. 1873-1962

Swing Riots - 18 Fairford men were tried for taking part in the riots of November 1830., part of the mass revolt against the poor economic conditions for farm workers.